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How to avoid Contractor Horror Stories

I hear the horror stories over and over again, and they still make my jaw drop in disbelief.

Hi, my name is Gus Nunez, and I own First Home Improvements, Inc. We’re a licensed and bonded premium remodeling company here in the D.C. area. You know, being a home remodeling contractor is very rewarding, but I know first-hand the type of concerns you must have as you prepare for your upcoming remodeling project.

The last thing you’ll find on this web site is a sales pitch. Let’s face it; I would be no better than the rest if all I did was seek to sign you up as a customer. Now while I’m very much interested in learning about your project, I absolutely refuse to sell out my reputation via false promises, and slick marketing campaigns.

What You’ll Find Here
Instead what you’ll find here is a site overflowing with remodeling information so you can make the most educated choice for your remodeling needs. Even if you choose to hire another contractor, I’ll be very grateful in knowing I’ve helped you learn the best ways to avoid a contractor nightmare.

Now I know if you’re like me, you have a mind full of questions, and that’s great. So let me offer a little navigational direction to get you some answers and share with you a little background to our remodeling business.

Where Do I Start
I’d encourage you to start by accessing my brand new FREE report (no strings) that I’ve just written to arm you with the questions you must ask contractors BEFORE hiring them for your important remodeling project. This report holds nothing back, and I’m sure some of the unethical peers in the industry will take offense, but hey, I don’t work for them and frankly, the truth is the truth.

By entering your email and name to the right of this page, I’ll send you instant email access and don’t worry; you won’t be spammed or contacted otherwise by anyone. It’s my gift to you for stopping by our site.

When you’re ready, there’s plenty of navigation links on this site to answer most of your important questions, so please take your time and enjoy your visit. If you’d like to talk in person, you’ll even find my direct cell phone number and email address at your disposal.

Have a wonderful day with my best regards,
Gus Nunez
Owner – First Home Improvement, Inc.

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Hiring a Remodeling Contractor

"Five Insider Questions
Home Remodeling Contractors
Hope You Don't Ask!"
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